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Boys and Girls Country is a licensed residential home for children (ages 5-18) and young adults (ages 18 – 25) based in Hockley, TX. Boys and Girls Country addresses a child’s well-being, helping to break the cycle of poverty for children by providing a secure, stable, home environment with an emphasis on education, building healthy relationships, and setting goals for the future. They do this with broad-based financial support, hundreds of volunteers, and the prayers of thousands.
Boys and Girls Country is not a children’s shelter and care is not temporary. The average stay of a child is almost three years. Many of the children at Boys & Girls Country come from some of the most heartbreaking circumstances.

In most residential programs, when a child turns 18 and graduates from high school, they are on their own. However, becoming an adult does not happen overnight. It is a process, and the first few years after high school are a critical time of transition for every young adult. In 1997, Boys and Girls Country established the College and Career program, offering support to high school graduates until they are independent adults. The College and Career program provides these young adults the opportunity to obtain a college degree or technical certificate, enter the military, or begin their first job. Through grants and scholarships, students can begin their independent lives debt-free.

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Support this cause

The Tyler Alvarado Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged youth in our community. By donating to this cause, you will help clothe, house, feed, and educate the children and young adults at Boys and Girls Country.

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